kasam 27 December 2016 Written Update Episode

Kasam 27th December 2016 Written Episode

Smiley then explains to Tanuja not to take her wrong. Tanuja accepts that she has been going through distrust between her marriages as well, Rishi even didn’t know he was marrying her. She knows well what it feels when the wedding is laid on a lie, she understands how it feels when you hurt the other and is unable to explain; the fear of truth that may bring pain and distrust in the eyes of people, hurts. She wipes her tears then tells Smiley no relation can begin with a lie, else its foundation will be so weak that it might break with a single blow of wind.
Rano comes to kitchen and asks Divia about Smiley. Divia goes to take Smiley. In the room, Smiley apologizes Tanuja for accepting the proposal without thinking. She was worried what if she says a no now. Tanuja forbids her tell anyone about

the truth, it will ruin their respect. She wonders what they can do about it, then asks her to let this Roka take place. Divia hears Tanuja say she will think about any idea to stop the wedding. Divia opens the door, and asks if she wants to stop Smiley’s wedding? She thinks if her mother isn’t here she can do anything, but Divia is here. She blames Tanuja for being disgraced already, and takes Smiley away.
In the hall, Bee ji and everyone stands for Smiley. Manpreet looks at her in awe, Rishi hugs him out of love. Pandit begins the rituals. Divia takes Rano aside to speak to her. She complains Rano about what Tanuja was saying to Smiley. Malaika comes to Divia asking if she noticed something. Rano wonders if Tanuja wants to stop this wedding. Divia narrates what she heard Tanuja saying. The ladies were curt. The rituals of wedding take place. Rano makes a hurry about the date of their wedding. The guests take a leave. Rano tells Divia to send Rishi to her room. Malaika wonders why Rano called Rishi in her room.
Rishi comes to the room, Rano shows him photos of his and Neha’s wedding. She brings out Tannu’s photo, then insists he doesn’t recognize the difference between Tannu and Tanuja, he has still not been able to kick her out of the house. He has proven that for him, still its not Tanuja but Tannu. She proved his love as wrong. She tells Rishi about what Tanuja said to Smiley.Rano asks Rishi why Tanuja wants to stop Smiley’s wedding. She was upset that she is helpless in front of Tanuja, Tanuja wants to break her family. She always replies her determinate about her decisions, and one day Tanuja would kick her out of this house. Rishi assures he won’t let anything bad happen to Smiley. Rano wasn’t ready to trust. Rishi swears in front of Rano that nothing wrong will happen to his family. Rano says it will happen, after sighting of moon he himself will get her fast completed. Rishi decides she has no right to fast, he won’t let her.
Rishi comes to the room and watches Tanuja bring something to washroom. Smiley was having nausea, Rishi thinks it’s Tanuja and hears about it from outside; leaving the room shattered. He kicks a vase in the corridor, then controls himself wiping tears. Tanuja brings Smiley to the room and was pouring her water, she feels dizzy. Smiley was worried, Tanuja says may be its because she has been fasting. Smiley apologizes for her and Rishi’s relation, Tanuja qualifies that family’s grace is much important for her. She tells Smiley to return to hostel, else everyone would feel her pregnancy. If she vomits so much during the day, everyone would suspect her. Smiley wonders why she shouldn’t go for abortion.

PRECAP: Rishi throws the water on floor, just near Tanuja’s mouth.

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